About Tegra group

What we do

TEGRA is operating in the market since 1995 with the headquarters being located in Vilnius (Lithuania) and regional offices in Riga (Latvia) and Moscow (Russia).

The main activities of TEGRA group:

– Product development from idea generation, product testing, product design to commercialization and launch into the market;
– Supply chain integration and management both for internal and external (partner) needs;
– Building materials and other goods wholesaling and distribution in the European and Asian markets.



Main Tegra products

All our products are exclusively manufactured in Europe and meet high quality standards. Main product areas:

  • Polyurethane (PU) foams
  • Adhesives
  • Silicone and acrylic sealants
  • Aerosol spray paint
  • Self-adhesive tapes and sealing profiles

The following trademarks belong to the company group: FOME FLEX, PPLUS, VERTAS, INRAL, ZOOM, POINT. While our products that meet high quality standards are being made in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Poland, Estonia, Sweden and other EU countries

KRONER – it’s a brand mark which preserved all major traditions of spare parts manufacturing. Which includes strict control of quality parameters and precision down to small things. In fact, production is manufactured in more than 30 factories which are certified according to ISO 9001, TS 16949, ISO 14001 standards and which are also situated in European Union. KRONER specializes in manufacturing and produces to Russia these groups of components: constant-velocity universal ball joints and driveshafts, repair packages of constant-velocity universal ball joints, bearings, shock struts, crosspieces, components of suspension, thermostats, water pumps, brake hoses, brake blocks, hydraulic actuators.

products 2

Supply Chain

From manufacturing to retail

The main business objective of TEGRA group is to create a transparent and integrated supply chain and to enhance value to all its participants:
– We help customers and final consumers to solve problems at a low level of expenditure, providing necessary products and ensuring their optimal quantity on the store shelves.
– We offer trademarks widely known in the markets, balanced product portfolio, resources management and business optimization programs for the partners, retail and wholesale enterprises. As well as training programs for staff and clients of our distributors in the areas of products (basic technological knowledge and knowledge of the product portfolio), sales (basics of selling, 5 sales‘ steps, sales tools) and supply chain management.
– For our manufacturing partners we offer longstanding work experience in the European, Russian, CIS and Mongolia markets. Our know-how allows to reduce and stabilize demand fluctuations and effectively manage supply chain.

In addition, we offer supply chain management services. For this reason we use a very powerful TOC business solution „Symphony“ that, as a result, helps to create, capitalize and sustain a decisive competitive edge. This competitive edge is built on a logistical advantage achieved using the software. „Symphony“ is capable of leveraging TOC know how to reduce lead time, optimize inventory levels and more, all with a determined goal in sight, leading your supply chain towards an unprecedented level of service, ultimately, amplifying your profitability.

In 2013, subsidiary Tegra State was rated as stable company – it received CrefoCert STABILUS sign and certificate – the official UAB Creditreform Lietuva confirmation, that it received company is solvent and of good economic state for longer than one year.



Geography of activity

During those years the geography of the activity spread throughout Europe and Asia.

Furthermore, our export markets cover all the Baltic States, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Kyrgyz Republic and the far off Mongolia.

While the head office is located in Lithuania, we also have company representatives in Russia and Latvia. These representatives are fully empowered to build a distribution network in their respective markets. Regarding other markets, we strongly encourage assignment of an exclusive distributor for a particular territory. Finally, If a distributor meets certain requirements, the company may represent Tegra trademarks and products in the market.

Let’s collaborate!

We value our long-standing partnerships with our manufacturers and distributors, but at the same time we are looking for business development opportunities. If your company is:

– a manufacturer of high quality building materials;
– a distributor or a wholesaler of building materials for professional users or DIY market;

Please contact us: connect@tegra.lt