Culture & People

Inner company projects

Strategical sessions that a carried out not in a small circle of board members and CEO, but in a diverse group from board members to warehouse workers.

Inner currency based on selfless acts – Tegra Bona – helps people to fulfill their dreams developing mind, body and soul.

Mentors! A new employee is always assigned to an experienced colleague who makes it easier for the newcomer to join the team and to understand the culture, etc.

20 minutes to 12. Exercises before lunch which are guided by our own workers make the work easier get some energy and inspiration.

Fridays with music. Once in a month young musicians come to share their music. Our gratitude is based on gift economy principles. Moreover, each person pays according to how much he or she liked the music. How much they think is fair and how much they are able to give.

Club of ideas. The place to share, to discuss and to develop ideas from simple things that would make our everyday work easier to big business ideas that develop to autonomous businesses.


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Partnership projects

Business forums „Synergy in partnership“, held each year, bring together our partners and clients from all over the world. Therefore, we are changing the traditional understanding of partnership, client and product itself. Hence, value is created by sharing knowledge (about products, distribution, human resource management, etc.) and creating strong and long-lasting relationships.

Participation in Mutual Learning project. New approach to problem solving is brought by bright schoolchildren and university students.

inTegra House

inTegra House project has started in the 2015 and is designed for corporate managers excellence, leadership development as well as integral and holistic decisions finding space. Accordingly, using art workshops and in close relationship with integral and coaching trainers from USA and Russia we create space where intellectual development and decision-making processes open new opportunities for employees and partners.